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USX STAR TV Wall Mounts
USX STAR TV Wall Mounts


Easy to install & constructed from high quality steel materials
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TV Mount Solutions for Indoor and Outdoor

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Quality Meets Affordability in Our Premium Design TV Mounts

Almost 30 years experience in TV mount design, provide our customers reliable, sturdy and easy installation TV mount ensuring a better viewing experience. 24 hours US-Base professional customer support and 10 year product warranty.
Diversified product lines include tv mount, soundbar mount, tv stand, rv tv mount, tv accessory etc, all TV mounts and accessories are passed strict quality control and tested as international safety standard, delivered in good quality.

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Prefect for My Bedroom T.V.

I currently have our television in our master bedroom on top of a cabinet which is not very efficient since it takes up a lot of space. When I saw this pop up in my feed, I knew this would be an awesome space saver.

The full motion TV mount bracket itself is very easy to install since it comes with a mounting template. You can mount them on 8 or 16 inch wood studs which is what I used it for and the pull away from the wall and tilt makes it easy to view and install extra wiring as needed.


Why didn’t I do this sooner?!

This full motion TV mount is awesome. I’ll be honest I don’t have anything other mount to compare it to because I usually just sit my pretty little TV on top of some cute entertainment center piece.

This mount just freed up a ton of space for me & allowed me to give up the four drawers full of random trinkets I forgot I even had. It feels so nice to look in my room and have it look instantly organized with the TV mounted and the bulky piece of furniture that pretty much just collected dust & useless junk is anywhere but in my domicile. STOKED 5/5 stars!


Nice lightweight mount

This tilting TV mount is nice and lightweight so one person can hang it, unlike others that are so heavy you need two people just to lift it up. Installation is straight forward with the included template. Even has a little level to help keep it straight. Seems to be of good quality so I don't have to worry about the TV falling off the wall. The tilt feature is nice depending on where you are hanging it. I used it in a bedroom so I could angle it down towards the bed and it worked great.


Simple and dependable.

I didn't need any tilt or pivot functions. I just needed a wall mount, so this fixed TV mount was perfect. The mount is simple and well thought out. It's very secure with my older Panasonic 55", 70 pound flat screen. Everything lined up and fit perfectly. The mount comes with an abundance of different bolts and washers. The two arms that mount to the TV have spring locks that engage when the TV is hung on the wall mount. Each spring lock has a tether that enables unlocking the TV arms when it is necessary to remove the it from the wall. This is a great economical and secure mount for any flat screen that does not need to articulate in any direction.


Quality, minimalist TV mount. Great instructions!

We've been looking for a simple, low-profile wall-mount for a smaller TV in our guest room, and this fits the bill perfectly.

Materials and finish are all top-notch, zero complaints there. They supply you with a wide range of hardware that may be useful during installation, and even offer in the instructions to send you additional part (concrete anchors) if needed, which is a nice touch.

Speaking of instructions, I have to point out that the instructions that come with this mount are some of the best I've come across. Extensive, easy to understand, with plenty of illustrations. If the instructions that came with every product were this well-done, the world would be a much better (and easier) place.

M.B. Smith

Simple & Sturdy

This fixed tv wall mount is very easy to attach, with the wall mount plate. It's a matter of attaching the wall plate to the beams. Then sliding the brackets on the back of the tv over the wall plate and it's done. To remove,you pull the cords that hang down behind the tv,very simple but due to heaviness it takes two people. It also has a built in leveler so you know it's even. It's also very close to the wall to maximize the space around the tv.

Angie W.